Thursday, July 30, 2009

Party like country folk

House parties in the countryside used to be a-plenty back in the days of häxblandningar (translated: witch-mix, i.e. a cocktail of miscellaneous booze discreetly stolen from the liquor cabinet) and 2.25% proof ciders. Good times. They always involve a trampoline, somebody throwing up, and raiding the fridge at 4 a.m. whilst sobering up.

Bollebygd party faux lomo-29 Bollebygd party faux lomo-27

Bollebygd party faux lomo-5
Bollebygd party faux lomo-24
Bollebygd party faux lomo-9 Bollebygd party faux lomo-21
Bollebygd party faux lomo-13

Yes, we're obviously having a fantastic time.

Now, I'm off to AMERICA. Stick around for the imminent obesity.


  1. Haha. Annalisa smoking. I think that says it all. Annalisa! Smoking!

  2. besides, my leg in that picture (the left one, from the viewer's point-of-view) looks like some morbid sculpture of random vagina. Horrible.

  3. I stil say you are posting too little nudety on this blog... make it happen

  4. Ahhh, trampoline, throwing up and fridge raids: the good life