Monday, July 20, 2009

Fjording Norway: Day 1, Oslo

Inevitably, a Norway round-trip would have to include Oslo. I've visited Oslo a couple of years ago, but I have no recollection of the place except for a certain "Sculpture Park", and that only because it is always mentioned with a tone of disdain by D. whenever the subject of Oslo is brought up. The sculpture park, and a horrendously overpriced meal of spaghetti.

This time we needed to stop over in Oslo for a couple of hours before catching a flight to Bodo. Our expectations were low, and when expectations are that low the experience slips into the realm of comedy - everything bad is funny, and anything good is a pleasant surprise.

After the a 3.5 hour bus journey (which I managed to sleep through completely, accomplishment of the week) the family needed food. The overpriced-spaghetti trauma was mentioned several times and we decided to go for something cheap and cheerful - kebab.

norwegian kebab
Kebab? 67NOK, (£6.70 pounds)

Fortunately it can only get better from here, and one massive ice cream later we warmed up to Oslo.


Did you know that Oslo is the only city in the world with a Mini Bottle Gallery? Fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

After finally giving the Norwegian a nod of approval ("It's not actually so bad after all"), we head to Oslo's Gardemoen airport. When we arrive, M. has a food scare ("If we don't eat now we won't eat until we get off the plane. That's several hours without food. I'm just telling you."), which the remaining two thirds of the family relent to. We stuff some heartburn-inducing sausage meals down our throats.

gardemoen hot dogs
At 22:15 we arrive at the generally uninteresting town of Bodo.

Welcome to the Arctic Circle.

Tomorrow: Arriving in Lofoten, where the family gets to stay in the largest cabin. Success.

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  1. oh the irony; "american fast food" - bet I could run the 3 km track faster than that van.