Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everyday should end with a dinner party

Today we take a break from Norwegian eats to talk about M.H.'s extraordinary dinner party, in occasion of his birthday. He turns 19, and we all benefit.

This year's menu is seafood oriented. This makes me a very happy amateureater. For starters, we have crayfish.


The crayfish has been sitting in a lime marinade for a couple of hours before being baked in the oven.


For those of you interested, the marinade consisted of lemon and lime juice, lime rind, one small onion (diced finely), white wine, olive oil, ginger, and spiced with chili, salt and pepper.

marinated crayfish

It's an angry little bugger, it is. No matter, it's still ridiculously tasty.


Being Chinese, I'm always expected to take care of the rice. Despite a lifetime of dependency on rice, I only ever make rice in a rice cooker, and perform very poorly without it. Disappointed, M.H. has to do it himself.

fillet of plaice

For mains: fillet of plaice, served with asparagus and rice. The plaice is cooked in a creamy sauce, with pickles and capers. A Portuguese recipe, apparently.

Plaice. So ugly on the outside, so tender on the inside.

creme brule

For dessert, M.H. gets out the blowtorch for some creme brule, served with a generous heap of raspberries. For some bizarre reason, I'm the only one who wanted seconds. I was also the only one to request for an additional post-dessert of ice cream. How odd.

Thank you M.H. for a grand meal.

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