Thursday, July 9, 2009

Failure is the mother of success.

On the bus to the dinner part, daintydog asked with a massive grin on her face, "So. How did you fail today? Tell me about your fail." She then opted for a more sympathetic expression, at which point she looked like she'd just had a stroke and paralyzed half her face. The fail in question is the stop motion animation that Isa and I are working on; we've run into some setbacks during editing and spent all day effectively watching the spinning wait cursor.

Nevermind - failing is learning.

Seeing as it is made by myself and Isa, the animation is obviously somehow related to food. We looked around the internet for some inspiration, and found ourselves humbled by greater talents. We said to ourselves: "But they're professionals", and nodded vigorously in agreement. Here are three stop motion animation shorts that are worth developing an inferiority complex about.

First of all, a classic by Jan Svankmajer, starring the most emotionally stirring character of the food world, meat. The strange anthropomorphism makes me quite uncomfortable every time, especially when the slabs of meat move their little meat hands. See for yourself.

Now, for something lighter and less edible, here's a fantastic short that feels like it stemmed from the imagination of a six-year-old. As daintydog so elegantly put it, "If you want to watch something that will make you feel talentless, youtube PES."

This is food stop motion on steroids. Can you identify all the countries? I got a bit lost when all the kebabs appeared, thus revealing my ignorance of world history after WWII.

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  1. Ahahahahahaha, hey next time just don't tell me that you massively failed at something, and I won't ask. As far as sympathy goes: sympathy is cheap! Cheat Amateur Eats, cheap!

    Hey I have a full-length film by Jan Svankmajer if you want to borrow it.