Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eating with Isa & family

I have the great fortune of being friends with Isa, whose dad is a food photographer. For the past two years or so he's been working with this lovely baker lady to write recipe books, and the cakes she bakes for those photography sessions need to be eaten, somehow, by someone. Yes, my friends, this is my moment to shine. In fact, one of the first things that her dad said to me was, "your reputation for eating precedes you." Thanks, Isa.

Today Isa and I went on an expedition to pick up some cakes.

Pass through these gates for earthly delights.

When I met her she was wearing a pink blouse with a baby blue apron. She has one of those permanent smiles that make her dimples seem as natural a facial feature as her nose or eyebrows, and the first thing she said to us was, "Would you like some wine?" Then she floated serenely into the kitchen as us mere mortals followed, and poured us glasses of rosé. She told us that she used to work in a bakery, but felt so lonely making cakes by herself every single day, that now she's working on a train "where it's me and three hundred other people." She then served us, in chronological order:

  1. Strawberry basil pannacotta
  2. Satsuma star anis pannacotta
  3. Lemon meringue tarts ("I boiled the meringue so it gets a creamy texture. Isn't it lovely?")
  4. Almond apricot tart
  5. Strawberry and cream roll cake
  6. Chocolate and orange sponge cake
  7. Rocky road brownies
  8. Walnut and cream sponge cake

meringue tartYes, she is indeed the goddess of cake.

Tonight the eating feast continues as shakebook is throwing a dinner party to celebrate her new found moral superiority. I suggested that we all dress up as the things she has given up: me as a cigarette, Isa as a slab of meat, and daintydog can be Buddha. (She's not actually giving up buddhism but I'm not sure how to dress daintydog up as "non-belief".)


  1. hahaha "dainty dog as the Buddha" - would've liked to see that. That boiled marengue tart was like heaven on a plate- assuming it was that that isa brought to my place? Only one had to share it. Sometimes sharing isn't caring, it's just a necessity.

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  3. Mmmmmmm, oh the times I have feasted on the blessed cakes bestowed upon me by the Cake Goddess!
    You should have been there that time when me, Isa and D. were making out way through 1 White Chocolate Mousse Cake, 2 Coconut and Tangerine-Cakes and 1 Apple Tart on a resses break in school behind the parking lot (hiding as to not attract too many unwanted guests).

    Mmmmmmmm, oh and all the times I have swung by Isa's house and left happily drunk with a large Strawberry and Cream-Cake tucked under my increasingly flabby arm, or a small nimble collection of assorted baked goods.

    Oh, good times good times!